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At Little Dove Creations we create and customize high-grade epoxy resin tumblers. The process for doing this correctly (so that the product looks high quality and lasts longer) is much more expensive and time consuming than processes like sublimation or engraving.


What is an epoxy resin? 
A type of resin that usually requires two components, being the hardener (catalyst) and the base resin. When you mix together these components it causes a chemical reaction that enables the resin to set.

What do we mean by high grade? 
When speaking of epoxy for tumblers we look for a few main qualities; resistance to UV damage (ability to avoid yellowing and cracking) , clarity (least amount of bubbles and cloudiness) and strength (resistance to cracking and damage usually improved by the number of layers applied in the epoxy application process). We use an epoxy and process which ensures our customers receive the best of these qualities.


A Seven Step Process for a Premium Product


We offer the following Home Accessories:

  • 10x10 Wood Hanging Signs in a variety of designs

  • Clean/Dirty Dishwasher wood signs with magnetic backing

We accept custom design ideas and also offer "LDC Designs" that are unique and provided as they are available.

We offer the following apparel:

  • Adult Unisex Heavy Cotton™ 5.3 oz. Short- Sleeved T-Shirts

  • Ladies' Relaxed Short-Sleeved V-Neck T-Shirt. 

  • Unisex hoodies

  • Unisex Crew Neck Sweatshirts


Materials for apparel are ordered based off your desired color/theme so please allow 2 weeks for your order to be complete. We accept custom design ideas and also also offer "LDC Designs" that are unique and provided as they are available..

We use Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) for apparel.   We DO NOT offer sublimation designs. 

LDC recommends the following care instructions for all HTV projects:
1. Wash inside out

2. Machine wash on cold

3. NO bleach or Fabric Softener
4. DO NOT dry clean

Choose Our Designs or Customize

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